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The Team

Who We Are

The first look in this collection is GÜ. It is a tasseled pink velvet poncho shirt with shoulder pikaboos. 

Modeled by

Michaela Mueller 

GÜ Sherpa cape x Ballün blümers

Faux leather gold cape lined in faux sherpa and appliquéd with gold sequined embroidery. The perfect cape to look Extra during the Holidays.

Tech Lead

Model:  D'nia Defrance

Gü Apron and Pink Blouse//

Office Manager

This apron is made from upcycled curtains and has velvet lined pockets. The cute pig face and tassels represent the playfulness of the collection.

Model: Kayne Bondar

GÜ poncho shirt and Hoüdstooth Jumper//

Product Manager

This Satin blouse has a small embroidered symbol on it as well as exposed shoulder holes. The overalls have gold rings and tie with long straps.

Model: Isaac Snyder

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Rainbü suede dress//

Product Manager

This fun cocktail dress is made from an upcycled suede curtain. It has dramatic rainbow sleeves and a tassell iin the back to zip it up.

Model: Angellika Ravenco

Name, Title

Cinnamon Rainbü dress

Product Manager

A cinnamon rainbow sleeved dress with an elastic waistband and puffballs. 

Model: Sasha Slivinski


Gü Multicolored pants with a Rainbü sheer crop top

Modeled by Skylar Mann

Houndstooth cardigan paired with the Mandarine Rose shirt.

Modeled by Rey Solomon


Rainbü Dress 

Modeled by Jenny JLove


Güse Robe with Gold Shorties

Modeled by Bee Clevenger

The Püff


I wanted the Puff to be a finalle piece that was eye catching and absurd but also fabulous and an explosion of playful colors. It is constructed from 20 yards of white tulle and topped with the embroidered netting that is prominent throughout the entire collection. 

Modeled by Rachel Epstein

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