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MadVan Men Explained

Can I be honest with ya’ll? I LOVE menswear, hate men. Half way through trying to take this collection exceptionally seriously I gave up and started putting eyeballs and penises on everything. I have way more fun designing when I’m laughing the whole time. 

Let me be perfectly clear, Madvan Men is not a full menswear collection. It is a gender neutral collection that pulls elements from classic menswear. Ties everywhere, button ups, and the highly underrated cumberbund. Pulling silhouettes and necklines I have used in the past but elevating them with unusual textures, a darker color pallet, and plenty of applique techniques. 

What's with all the ties? 

I have to admit I was pretty tie crazed for a minute. Scrounging every thrift store for cheap unique ties I could weave into the textiles. Starting with the  infamous tie skirt because what designer has not made one of those? I really tried to make it masculine like a kilt style. The way It feels masculine to me is the length and the weight of it. You would be surprised how heavy 42 ties are!

 Next up there is the Tie Corset, made with the skinny part of all the thrifted neckwear. It’s strange because ties I believe are cut on the bias so when sewing them all together they tend to curve a certain way. With the corset, I found that the aesthetic of the curved ties looked unique and interesting. 

The ties not included in the two main garments made their way in different accessories. Some unique thrifted ties got an upcycle makeover with bling, lace, buttons, and random objects sewn on. Others were sewn with the large ends together and

fashioned into obi belts/ cumberbund styles. Lastly There is the tie ear bunny hood. A masculine bunny hat made from recycled gray felt and two ties with some 80’s motif bumblebees sewn as ears and the bow closure. 

It’s Wabbit Season!

I know, I know. There has been a lot of pink camo in Madvan the past couple seasons. Well that's only because I thrifted two massive pink camo bed sheets and in the right environment they look somewhat like japanese cherry blossoms. Nothing says spring like the great outdoors. Floral Is outdated, but I still wanted to include nature in some respect; hence the pink camo. 

The Pink wabbit season set was upcycled from a HEINOUS shapeless bridesmaids dress. It needed to be a crop top and high-low skirt. It is one of the looks in the collection that is perfect for the warmer days of spring to go frolicking or what have you. 

The coordinating Button up is ever so slightly cropped and adorned with a silly little western-esc bow tie. The buttons are small delicate

hearts and there is a pink camo heart appliqued in the back. This top is named “ I was aiming for a deer, but I shot you in the heart”.  I honestly could see my husband, POST MALONE wearing it. 

“Don’t Rain On My Grave”

This ombre fabric is quite familiar to the MadVan line, and can be found in previous collections in different colors. What is new is the wet look fabric from Yaya Han (cosplay queen). It is a vegan leather with an illusion of raindrops on the surface. Both these pieces include that unique fabric as well as a recycled midnight blue taffeta. The jumpsuits neckline is from a Vogue pattern but the rest of the jumpsuit I flat patterned myself and I am stoked with how the torso and wide leg came out in the end. It embodies androgyny and class from the plunging neckline to the glorious fabrics incorporated. 

Through the process of cultivating MadVan Men I realized I am way more comfortable creating womenswear than men's clothing but I believe there is something absolutely magical about androgynous fashion and I aim to explore that more in the future because let's face it we are entering the world of fashion being genderless. 

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