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Carnival- MADVAN 2021 Fall Collection

The concept of this collection draws from a broad range of inspirations. This fall line will debut November 13th 2021 in Denver Colorado at the NUE sustainable fashion show, then an extended version of this collection will premiere on November 20th 2021 of Denver fashion week. The garments you will see are heavily embedded with color and Patterns to show the playful side of this show. The reason it may seem there is an eerie undertone to the collection is because the carnivals I based these gowns after are from a pagan/ catholic celebration that occurs on my fathers hometown island in Galicia, Spain, in which I was baptized. These carnivals “Entroido” create a magical environment where everyone on this island gets involved in, including demonic entities and spirits.

One of my first vivid memories from my childhood was walking down the streets of Spain with my whole family and everyone was involved in celebrating the carnival. The costumes are a colorful collage of culture and creativity. There are tassels, painted hats and ominous masks.

Carnival by Madvan plays with the juxtaposition between playful innocence and a hidden ritualistic agenda. While shooting the first 5 outfits on the Lucero ranch in Edgewood New Mexico, we included farm animals into these photos for an interesting aesthetic . Goats I feel have that same energy of playful innocence and rituals. The questions while seeing this fashion film or photos may be why are these models at this ranch? I would say that rituals are usually done to create a good crop for the season, also for health and abundance for the animals and the land. I have always been afraid of using too much color within a collection with the fear that it will look too ”costumey” but with ”Carnival“ I decided to let it flow naturally and not let my inner criticism get to me. I hope you enjoy the full 12 looks and I hope it brings you as much joy and warmth as it has brought me this fall season. The Depop drop will be December 1st 2021, so stick around. -Madison Van Der Lingen


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