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Albuquerque’s Best Dressed List

As many could be aware, Albuquerque isn’t exactly known for their world renowned fashion scene. Throughout the crowds at the farmers market or art walk, you will always be bound to see a sea of alternating alternative styles (goths, punks, emos), cholo aesthetics from the Latinx/Hispanic cultures in New Mexico, gorgeous Native American-inspired ensembles dripping in beadwork and southwest motifs. These individuals below break fashion boundaries daily and stand out in these crowds as unapologetically being themselves through the art of dressing profoundly. These eye-catching individuals inspire the community and make Albuquerque a little more fabulous. Take note, people, you don't need to wear a hoodie and jeans daily. Some themes these individuals include in their style are mixing aesthetics, gender neutrality, and thrifting to find the most unique ensembles. 

Yuri Farris (@Goddexyuri)

“ I’d describe my style as one-of-a-kind, comfy chic! I care about finding unique pieces by thrifting and styling them comfortably yet sophisticatedly. I hate paying out-of-pocket money for clothes, so you can always find me at the goodwill bins scoring the latest pieces for reselling, like the wiener dog bag pictured. Please contact me for any personal shopping questions or to be your stylist.” 

When I first met Yuri, they were a cosplayer (as was I) -dark times-.  Then later, I worked at David's Bridal with them and they were highly skilled in bridal and special occasion styling. Yuri is great at finding the perfect dress for your body type and personal style. Shortly after that we both worked at Buffalo Exchange, where everyone there had their own unique style. This environment let everyone dress precisely how they wanted. Yuri would come dressed in outfits that were humorous, dopamine-filled, and layered in such aesthetic ways. Yuri knows the rules of fashion and knows exactly how to break them in such magical ways.

Jesus Bañuelos III (@jesus.b_3rd)

“I would describe my style as the heart of a diva. More times than not, you’ll find me in a pair of heels and leather. I feel honored to be featured on this blog. Thank you to everyone who voted. I absolutely love-love-love putting different looks together. Remember, if all else fails, just wear black.”

Jesus is a model, an actor in film and theater, and most recently, a drag performer. He is a jack of all trades as a performer. Whether you catch him around town, at an event, or even working, he is always dressed to impress. The leather, mesh, chains, and sparkles give this style a sense of edge but are so well coordinated that it always looks elevated and sophisticated. The androgyny element is so well executed in Jesus’s fashion repertoire, elegant but still keeping a hint of masculinity. The confidence of the wearer is a massive part of fashion and how you present yourself to the world and yourself. Jesus exudes confidence and grace in every iconic look, a true inspiration to future models, performers, and the LGBTQIA+ community in general. 

Jessica Amber Alle-Corliss (@hippieambervintage)

“My personal style consists of taking inspiration from culture, art, the environment, politics, history, nature, music, film, and TV. Frida Kahlo and Winona Ryder are top-style icons for me. I’m constantly thinking about how color theory and my mood can enhance an outfit. I am eclectic, funky, a maximalist and I don’t ever shy away from bold patterns or bright colors. I dabble in just about every aesthetic and trend. I am usually always wearing something thrifted, second hand or vintage as sustainability is also paramount for me as an individual.”

I first met Jessica when she was selling vintage clothes back in the day and I knew if I was perusing in her booth at a market, I was bound to find something extraordinary. I believe she was a maximalist before it became a trend. Every outfit she posts on Instagram is boosted with color, texture, and unique silhouettes. Her styling is on point with how she accessories and pairs vintage pieces with modern luxury garments. Jessica is a social worker as well as a fashionista,  so she knows the importance of dopamine dressing to help with your mental health. Dress in a way that the little version of you would be proud of. 

Jakey Onassis (@jakeyonnassis)

“I absolutely love fashion and style. I see it as an art form. I try not to take it too seriously and have fun with it. I love mixing vintage with modern. There’s something magical about bringing an old garment back to life and adding a modern twist. I don’t stick to any trends and I will wear anything that I find appealing, from a one of a kind couture gown to a $1 yard sale find.”

Jakey is a fashion Icon that’s what it boils down to. Their style is so elevated. It’s giving bougie lady resort wear. The rich colors and flowy silhouettes make every outfit luxe and glamorous. If you ever need professional fashion help, Jakey is a personal stylist and shopper as well as a vintage guru. Shop their closet here:

You will find throughout this article the best dressed people thrift. Why is that? Well it’s because you find the most unique things in thrift stores. It makes clothes shopping a game because it’s a treasure hunt! You also can find designer clothing if you are consistent and you know what you're doing. It also boils down to karma. By being an ethical human and not contributing to the fast fashion industry you will be rewarded with spectacular finds that are as unique and special as the consumer finding them. 

Michael and Tim Neuenschwander (@neuenschwandertim)

“Michael and Tim began their journey of exploring their twist on style and fashion when Covid hit in 2020. It started with them painting their nails. Then it grew into finding some interesting pieces of clothing in the women’s section at a local resale boutique. And once they started, there was no stopping them. They now have a bedroom converted into a walk-in closet filled with a variety of blouses, shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, sweaters, jackets, hats, scarves, shoes, a wall of jewelry, and other accessories to create their look from head to toe. You are sure to see them about town shopping at their favorite resale clothing boutiques, visiting a local art gallery, perusing the Art Walk, or enjoying a Sunday brunch at one of their favorite eateries - always dressed to the nines. Some ask if they dress this way all the time? The answer is, “Yes!” For them, dressing this way is about “authentic self-expression through gender-fluid fashion, and expanding gender concepts beyond the typical norm. Clothing has no gender.” They enjoy meeting people who appreciate style and fashion, so if you see them out-and-about, feel free to stop them and say hi.”

When I worked at Buffalo Exchange, Tim was the person you were dressing up for every day when going to work. His opinion was the only one that mattered. The way he coordinates his outfit with all the bulky accessories is so artistic and fantastic. The kaftan, a glorified mumu, has never looked so fabulous the way that Tim pairs ensembles together is astonishing. Another really cute thing to reiterate is Tim and Michael definitely have their own unique styles but always coordinate their outfits to look like they are from the same collection which is very aesthetic. We should always be coordinating with our partners and friend groups in my opinion. 

Another recurring theme in this article is gender- fluid fashion. When you limit yourself to a specific “gendered clothing” bubble, it’s hard to flourish completely. Shop every section of the thrift store. Putting a gender on a piece of clothing is ridiculous. That's like saying “my dog is a lawyer.” CLOTHING IS FABRIC! Wear what makes you feel the most comfortable, the most fabulous and the most YOU. My cousin shops in the little boy section at the store because she’s convinced that's where the best finds are located. 

Xavier Carter (@thexaviercarter)

“I love blending traditional business wear with street style influences to create unexpected yet captivating outfits. My personal style is always evolving, but I consistently enjoy the challenge of infusing casual vibes into formal silhouettes. Catch me scouring Buffalo Exchange for unique pieces to incorporate into my capsule wardrobe for the season.”

Xavier and I met a while back because he modeled for MadVan’s first collection “The Forlorn Widow” and then again was a runway model at the Locker 505 fashion show. He is known for his iconic dancing skills, kind heart, business mind, and stunning fashion sense. The mixing of business wear and streetwear is such a New York style that Xavier bravely brings to the southwest and rocks it wholeheartedly. 

Bueno Gallegos (@mrbueno666)

“My style is a mix between 18th century dandy style, cholo culture, mafia movies with a little bit of Kung fu and anime thrown in as well!!!” (Photo by tetsuro76)

Bueno is the most iconic Burqueno because he leans into that traditional cholo style but adds his own gentleman flair to it, and without fail he is always looking suave. He is our own Albuquerque Danny Trejo. It made me chuckle when Bueno said he takes style inspo from 18th century dandy style because that is the completely opposite of cholo culture and Mafiosos. Fashion that effectively flows with these juxtapositions created magnificent outcomes. Albuquerque is a chill city and people take that for granted and wear their pajamas everywhere but you know if you see Bueno in the morning at Zendo, or tattooing he will always be suited up and definitely outdressing you.  

Ezra & Jordan (@ezra.cowart) (@quantumbee)

Ezra- “Fashion is my canvas, where color, texture, and shape intertwine without limits. Through layering and revisiting styles, I craft a narrative that questions the boundaries of class, gender, and eroticism. In every expression, I find immersive freedom, turning action into art.”

Jordan- “Expression is the soul speaking. Clothing, like any other art form, is a material I use to convey my feelings and opinions. My style is always changing; recycling, updating, and creating clothing to wear has always been a consistent aspect of my life. Dressing is universal, it’s a language.”

Ezra and Jordan are jaw dropping fashion disruptors. Even before I ever thought about writing this article I considered them the creme de la creme of fashion icons in New Mexico. Both of them are vintage curators through their own company Bore Studios, and you can catch them popping-up at local artisan events. Another unique element about Ezra and Jordan is they are fashion artists/ designers creating prototype shoes, handbags and jersey knitted ties tops, as well as much more. Ezras fashion renderings are pristine and innovative and totally what the fashion industry needs. 

If you want to nominate someone for the next season of Albuquerque's best dressed list, or just want to keep up with fashion events in New Mexico, join our newsletter!

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